GDPR Assessments

Our privacy assessments, based on GDPR, e-Privacy or EU Member regulatory legislation and appropriate guidelines issued by Data Protection Bodies & Authorities, will provide your organization a better understanding and full overview of the data protection safeguards implemented by your business. You will be aware of how your technical and organizational measures (TOM) comply with data privacy and protection laws and what needs to be improved for your business to be on the safe side of GDPR.

You will have your own dedicated expert, or a team of industry recognized auditors, from Privacy Data Partners, who will work with your team both on-site and/or remote, depending on the project plan.


Several assessments are mandatory by law, like DPIA or LIA, while others are important to demonstrate your business’ engagement in data protection excellence.

Our approach in these assessments will be to interview your project related stakeholders, audit your documentation framework and signal out discovered inconsistencies. A follow-up interview with part of the stakeholders is sometime required in order to answer discrepancies and have the full picture of the process. All findings are going to be documented in the audit report, together with recommendations to achieve privacy compliance. For your projects where our top-level certified team is implementing the audit advice, the project roadmap is also delivered and taken care by us.


Our data protection evaluation methodology is created specifically to incorporate GDPR and other EU privacy laws and include a large variety of assessments, such as:

  • Overall Business GDPR compliance audit;
  • DPIA – Data Protection Impact Assessments;
  • LIA – Legitimate Interest Assessments;
  • TIA – Transfer Impact Assessments;
  • GAP Analyses;
  • Dedicated privacy audits for specific business areas;
  • Data Processors GDPR compliance audit;
  • Tools, Apps or Web privacy evaluations;
  • Suppliers privacy assessments;
  • Due diligence for partners, suppliers, and contractors.


Having this large palette of assessments & audits, and reaching data privacy & protection compliance accordingly, your organization will prove you are a reliable partner. Your clients, customers, users and associates are going to trust your business to protect and secure their data, while Data Protection Authorities and Regulatory Bodies will understand your commitment to adhere to high standards of data protection.

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