Data Protection Tailored Services

You may find yourself in a situation where you need a privacy expert, or a team, to assist you with specific tasks or projects, for a defined period. This is where Privacy Data Partners steps in!

Your struggle will be solved by our team in projects where you lack the right privacy resource, like:

  • Privacy by Design concepts;
  • Data flow assessment or data mapping;
  • Transcript of regulatory laws into clear requirements;
  • Help with deliverables;
  • Highlight data protection risks and set controls;
  • Audit existing fluxes;
  • Manage potential data leaks;
  • Shape frontend and backend to be privacy compliant,
  • Performing personalized data protection trainings for your employees, according to their job attributions
  • Or other needs for privacy masters.


Our data protection professionals will fulfill your need to comprehend all privacy risks taken in a zero-sum contract, protect your business and provide concise responses to Data Protection Authorities and Regulatory Bodies, successfully sweep through your clients’ privacy due diligence or reply to your data subjects and clients requests in a smart and compliant way.

Another hot topic that Privacy Data Partners address for you is educating your employees in privacy matters, because you know you cannot expect your staff to comply with data privacy and protection if they don’t know or understand it. Our privacy mentors will run effective trainings from GDPR basics to dedicated sessions for your Marketing, HR, Customer Services, Software and Business Development and/ or Sales Force groups, everything tailor fit to your business.


You can benefit from our perfectly fitted services and our extensive hands-on expertise in vertical markets equally from startups, telecom, retail, finance, insurance, logistics & distribution, medical, HR services, mobile and web apps/platforms, SaaS, marketplace, education, call centers, marketing services, travel and hospitality.

Just let us know your troubles and find out our approach. It takes less than a minute to request us for a custom-made offer for your company. Fill out the form, for us to better understand your struggles.

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