At Privacy Data Partners, we are your trusted experts in data protection services. With a formidable global presence and a team of highly certified professionals, we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to help your business navigate the complex landscape of data privacy regulations.

Industry Expertise:

Our hands-on expertise extends to a wide range of industries, including:

We are well-versed in the specific data protection and privacy regulations that apply to each industry, ensuring tailored solutions for your unique needs.

Our Global Reach:

Our expertise goes beyond EU boundaries, successfully handling projects related to privacy regulations in numerous countries worldwide, including:

Europe: European Union (GDPR, EUDPR, e-Privacy/PECD), UK (GDPR UK, PECR),  Switzerland (FADP)

Asia: Japan (APPI), Singapore (PDPA), South Korea (PIPA)


Middle East: Israel (PPL)

Africa: South Africa (POPIA)

Oceania: Australia (Privacy Act), New Zealand (Privacy Act 2020)

South America: Brazil (LGPD)

By combining our global experience and a deep understanding of industry-specific regulations, we serve as your one-stop shop for data privacy, GDPR compliance, and data protection. You can rely on us to provide expert support and customized solutions to secure your business against data risks.

Key Services

At Privacy Data Partners, we specialize in delivering a comprehensive suite of data protection and GDPR services to address your unique compliance requirements. Our key services include:

  1. GDPR Consultation: Our experienced GDPR consultants are your trusted partners in navigating the complex landscape of data protection laws. We provide expert guidance, compliance assessments, and actionable strategies to ensure your business adheres to GDPR requirements.
  2. Data Privacy Framework Development: We can help you establish a robust data privacy framework tailored to your specific business needs. This includes crafting essential documents, such as Website Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, Cookie Policies, and more.
  3. Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services: Our certified DPOs are available to guide you through GDPR compliance. We serve as your dedicated Single Point of Contact (SPOC), ensuring timely responses to data subject requests and liaising with authorities. We assess data risks, set controls, and help you manage potential data breaches, ensuring that your data remains secure.
  4. GDPR Audits and Assessments: Our GDPR assessments cover a wide range of compliance areas, including Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA), Legitimate Interest Assessments (LIA), and Transfer Impact Assessments (TIA). We also conduct gap analyses, privacy audits, and due diligence assessments for partners, suppliers, and contractors.
  5. Data Privacy Tailored Services: Our team offers tailored solutions to address specific privacy challenges. From implementing Privacy by Design concepts to mapping data flows and managing potential data leaks, we adapt our expertise to meet your unique needs.

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