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EU Representative and Data Protection Officer as a Service

You will have your own dedicated Data Protection Officer or EU Representative from our team of privacy professionals with proven hands-on experience in the three essential areas for an expert DPO: project management, legal & IT. You will be on safe hands and our DPO, your new member of management team, will know what needs to be done and how to make your business privacy compliant.

GDPR Assessments

Your top-notch Data Protection Impact Assessments, Legitimate Interest Assessments, Transfer Impact Assessments, GAP analyses or even audits, done by our team of elite privacy auditors, will increase your regulatory compliance degree while showing your clients and partners your commitment to adhere to high standards of data protection.

Data Privacy Framework

Your business is unique! And so will be all your privacy policies, procedures, records, guides, or notices created specifically for your state of affairs by our team of knowledgeable consultants. You will never have to worry about missing or inconsistent information, or outdated documents.

Data Protection Tailored Services

Whenever you need dedicated resources for a limited period, a great data protection negotiator to conclude high stakes contracts, an expert to respond to Data Protection Authorities or data subjects inquiries, or an effective training, you can rest assured that our team will be eager to satisfy your needs.
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