Data Privacy Framework

We will release you from the burden of creating and writing all the mandatory and necessary documents within the data privacy framework required by GDPR. Privacy Data Partners aids your top management to steer clear of the valuable time and attention in constantly checking privacy law requirements to draft, review and update all data protection paperwork related.

Compliant with Privacy Laws

Privacy laws and guides are often changing and so should your framework. Our privacy certified and mixed industries hands-on experts, are regularly updated with all adjustments in data protection regulatory legislation, guidelines, EU member privacy laws and industries best practices. They will create a first-rate compliant data privacy framework for you, that will be the data protection cornerstone of your business.

Your framework designed by us will be a lifesaver when managing data privacy & protection requirements. When your business would like to be ISO certified, for example ISO 27001/ 27701, the data privacy framework will cover essential documents needed in this process. You may have the framework ready for this certification, or you may ask our privacy wizards to step in and shape that documentation.


Our team can set for your business the entire data privacy framework, or constitute just specific documents, including but not limited to:

  • External:
    • Website Terms and Conditions
    • Website Privacy Policy
    • Cookie Policy
    • Recruitment Privacy Policy
    • Personal Data Information Notice
    • Data Processing Agreement (including Standard Contractual Clauses) for Data Processors
    • Data Sharing Agreement between Data Controllers

  • Internal:
    • Records of Processing Activities
    • Records of Data Breach Incidents
    • Records of Data Subject Requests
    • Security Matrix
    • Data Processing Procedure
    • HR Data Retention Policy
    • Data Subjects Request Procedure
    • Suppliers Due Diligence Procedure
    • Privacy by Design Procedure
    • User Access Rights Management Procedure
    • Information Security Policy
    • Backup and Recovery Procedure
    • Password Policy
    • Control Access Procedure
    • Data Breach Procedure
    • Clean Desk Policy
    • Information Classification Procedure
    • Clients Request Procedure for Data Processors


By using a well-structured framework generated by Privacy Data Partners professionals, your risk of incidents will decrease and your undertaking to shield data privacy will be viewed more trustworthy by your clients, customers, users, partners and authorities.

It takes less than a minute to request us for a dedicated offer for your company. Fill out the form, for us to better understand your business.

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