EU Representative and Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a Service

Outsourcing your EU Rep / Data Protection Officer through Privacy Data Partners helps your management team to avoid costly time and attention, and potential fines. Retaining our Data Protection Officer, your new member of the management team, you will have access to a set of technical, legal and management resources with proven hands-on experience. Your new EU Representative and DPO will aid in maturing your business and generate new business opportunities by capitalizing on data.

We will service you with certified top-level privacy professionals, either by reputable international privacy associations like IAPP or PECB, local bodies, or National Lawyer Houses within European Union.


Depending on how large your organization is or what you want to achieve, a team of more than one DPO may be required or, sometimes, a full time Data Protection Officer may not be necessary. We provide the DPOs that you need and for exactly how long you need them, varying from full-time to just a few hours per month.


Our services are flexible, and you can access them for a monthly fixed fee or as time & material. All services are tailored to your organization, as we understand data from every perspective: data lifecycle management, data flow, data insights, business intelligence, legal framework, technical security, compliance, etc.

Included Activities

The following activities are included in our EU Representative and DPO, day to day tasks, when working with you:

  • Dedicated main point of contact that provides expert advice in the data protection field;
  • Responding to data subject requests in a timely manner;
  • Solving requests from customers, suppliers and authorities;
  • Filling out privacy forms/questionnaires from clients and partners;
  • Informing and counseling on obligations under GDPR to secure the business against data risks;
  • Executing Data Protection Impact Assessments, Legitimate Interest Assessments, Transfer Impact Assessments;
  • Keeping and updating the Register of Processing Activities;
  • Complying with Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default;
  • Coordinating the team responsible of acting in a data breach incident and notifying the Data Protection Authority and data subjects, if necessary;
  • Regularly updating internal data privacy procedures, policies and guides;
  • Continuous monitoring of GDPR and internal data protection procedures & policies compliance;
  • Providing support to attain accreditation/certifications to prove privacy compliance, such as ISO 27001/27701;
  • Assisting in external privacy audits;
  • Performing personalized trainings according to the employees’ job attributions;
  • Cooperating with the Data Protection Authority.


The list of activities will be personalized for your business together with you and may include other tasks as well.

It takes less than a minute to request us for a dedicated offer for your company. Fill out the form, for us to better understand your business.

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